Youth Programs
CU Succeed

CU Succeed is a program to help your credit union implement a professional, comprehensive teen club in your credit union without spending a lot of time or money. The Credit Union Association of the Dakotas partners with CU Succeed to provide member credit unions with this great opportunity.

For more information about this great teen program, click here.

Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers' Club

The Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers’ Club is designed to teach children the valuable lessons of saving and spending in a fun way. With the program, your credit union will attract young savers and provide a member base for future credit union services.

By having a young savers’ club, your credit union will realize the benefits such as:

• A strengthened youth savings program to attract younger members
• Financial literacy material for young members
• FREE Pee Wee Penguin website
• Membership to Club Pee Wee
    - A special club for credit unions that offer the Pee Wee Penguin program.
    - A place to share stories and gain new ideas on how to use the program in your credit union.

The Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers’ Club quickly establishes your credit union as a financial institution that cares about younger members.

FoolProof For High Schools is a web-driven financial education program sponsored by credit unions for high schools, community centers, technical schools, and youth groups.
The program is completely turnkey for teachers. Students register themselves and tests are self-grading.
Online, interactive lessons called "modules" feature dozens of videos of young people, who do all the teaching. A teacher website provides extensive support materials. Nine 45-minute classroom sessions teach both technical skills and, more importantly critical thinking skills.
FoolProof is the only financial literacy program in the United States that is endorsed by both the Consumer Federation of America and the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

To obtain resources and materials:
• Register and login, go to: and click on “Sign up for FoolProof here”(Orange writing at top of page).
• You will then follow the steps on the bottom right side of the page: Select FoolProof for High Schools.
• Fill out the appropriate online form at online registration. You will be sent an email with an access code to create your personal teacher account.
• Create Your Account. FoolProof will send you an email with your account details within 24 hours. When you receive it, please create your personal teacher account. To assist you Fool Proof will have a "Quick Start Guide" that walks you through it literally in one minute.
To demo the FoolProof program use the following log-in information: Teacher Demo: Login(username = demo account)(password = foolproof08); Student Demo: Login(username = demostudent)(password = foolproof08).