Board of Directors

Jarrod Reisner
SD Division A
Board Chair of DCUA, 
Director of DLSC
Senior VP, CFO,
Black Hills Federal CU

Melanie Stillwell
ND Division A
1st Vice Chair of DCUA,
Director of DLSC
Western Cooperative CU

Jerry Peterson
SD Division C
1st Vice Chair of DLSC,
Director of DCUA
Secretary/Board of Director,
Consumer's Federal CU

Darla Schafer
ND Division C
Board Chair of DLSC
Director of DCUA
Flasher Community CU

Lacey TerWee
ND Division B
Secretary/Treasurer of
DCUA and DLSC Boards
Chief Executive Officer,
University Federal CU


Dawn VanAsh
SD Division B
2nd Vice Chair of DLSC
Director of DCUA
Chief Executive Officer,
Oahe Federal CU

Sean Rinkenberger
2nd Vice Chair of DCUA
Director of DLSC
Chief Financial Officer, 
First Community CU