The Association ensures that legislators understand the difference between credit unions and other types of financial institutions, actively seeks to engage members in grassroots advocacy, and raises and distributes funds through two political action committees.

Payroll Deduction Information
If your credit union is interested in participating in the Payroll Deduction Program for CUPAC/CULAC please contact Jay Kruse or  800.279.6328, Ext: 928

Employees and Staff should consider contributing at CU Advocacy level or $2 or more per pay period. or $12 or more annually.

Volunteers Supervisors, VPs, Branch Managers should consider contributing at the Capital Club level or $100 annually, or $8.33 or more a month.

CEOs/Managers should consider contributing at Leadership PAC Club level or $300 or more annually.

CU Advocate – Member Contribution of $1.00 to $99
Capitol Club – Member Contribution of $100 to $299
Leadership PAC – Member Contribution of $300 or more