3rd Annual MonDak Roundtable

2/12/2019 - 2/13/2019
A joint gathering of CEOs and Volunteers from across the Dakotas and Montana.



A unique opportunity for CEOs, Board Members, and Volunteers to gather together to network,

learn new strategies and ideas and meet new faces. We encourage you to attend these thought provoking sessions,
led by credit union industry leaders, where attendees are pushed to step outside of their comfort zone,

to grow, and learn new ideas to help better their credit union.


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Tuesday, February 12

2:00-2:30        Registration – Bally's (foyer area)


2:30-3:30        Pre-Conference CEO Only Session – Skyview 3

                        The Shrinking Credit Union Industry: One Observer Weighs In with Jim Kasch

The credit union industry is on more than a decade straight of remarkably consistent consolidation. Will the consolidation finally slow down?  Will it accelerate?  What should you do to prepare your credit union to continue thriving in this new environment?


2:30-3:30        Pre-Conference Volunteer Only Session – Skyview 4
                        The Board Calibration Process: Alignment is Not Just for Tires! with Kevin Smith

Credit union boards spend plenty of time in discussion and debate. It’s familiar territory. But what if the board could go through a regular alignment process that would reduce friction, increase performance and create a more efficient group? Through the calibration process, boards can quickly and easily map out where members are in relation to each other on critical issues of governance and oversight, then have calculated conversations make sure that everyone has the same vision and direction for the organization.

In this session you will:

- Learn three evaluation approaches for creating alignment;

- Review common obstacles to alignment & methods for avoiding them;

- Discuss best practices for alignment maintenance.


3:45-4:45       Pre-Conference Volunteer and CEO Joint Session  – Skyview 4
                       Succession Planning is For More Than Just the CEO, with Jim Kasch

Most credit unions believe they have addressed succession planning when they document the Board’s strategy to fill the role of CEO. In truth, backfilling the CEO is just the beginning. Succession planning should be addressed throughout the entire organization, and there are several things the organization must do to enable this.  How does the organization define the leadership skills individuals must master at each level of management?  Has the current management team conducted a thorough talent assessment of the entire organization based on performance and potential?  How do you know your “next in line” is the right candidate, and what do you do if they are not? In this session, we’ll address these important concerns and provide sample tools to help you.


5:00–6:30      Reception & Welcome – Skyview 5

Wednesday, February 13

8:15-9:00       Breakfast  Skyview 2-3


9:00-9:45       CUNA Update with Greg MichligCUNA Deputy Chief Engagement OfficerSkyview 2-3


9:45-10:45     General Session – Skyview 2-3
Best Practices for Board/CEO Relationships, with Jim Kasch

Perhaps there is no relationship more important to the success of the credit union than that between the CEO and the Board of Directors.  Poor relationships can limit effectiveness, cause personal and professional stress, and prematurely end promising careers.  In this session, you’ll learn about the four behavioral dimensions identified by organizational psychologists as critical to success: Trust, Micromanaging, Clarity, and Communication.  We’ll discuss best practices to employ within your own credit union to strengthen and improve this important relationship.



11:00-12:00   General Session – Skyview 2-3

Economic Update with Mike Schenk, Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Policy Analysis
and Chief Economist for CUNA



1:00-2:15       Roundtable Hot Topic Discussions

CEOs in Skyview 4  
Volunteers Skyview 2 or 3



2:30-3:45       CEOs Session –  Skyview 4

Teams, Trust & Performance: Creating A Dynamic & Fearless Environment, with Kevin Smith
Forget trust falls, ropes courses and building towers from straws and tape. Team coherence is more important than ever, but you need to rethink how to get there if you want teams that will innovate, create and disrupt at the pace of the 21st century. Find out what Google and others researched and have found to be the most important elements for team strength that yields productivity and results: an environment free of fear, and a team that functions like well-designed net.


2:30-3:45       Volunteers Session –   Skyview 2-3

                       The Five Most Important Roles of the Credit Union Director, with Jim Kasch

Most of us are familiar with the standard roles a credit union director must play, and regulators pay particular attention to the financial literacy and fiscal responsibilities attached to this critical volunteer role.  While those functions are important, focusing solely on those duties is a disservice.  In this session, we’ll discuss the five most important roles of the credit union director: Artist (who paints the picture), Recruiter (who hires the right CEO), Inspirationalist (who sets high goals), Enforcer (who ensures accountability), and Salesperson (who engages in developing business).  We’ll discuss best practices to employ within your own credit union.


4:00-5:00       General Session –  Skyview 2-3

Everything I Needed to Know About Teamwork & Leadership
   I Learned in Marching Band,
with Kevin Smith                     

Over 125 people step onto a field in unison, then start playing different parts and moving in different
directions. They’re executing a strategic plan to a grand, explosive visual and auditory effect. That’s a team  working with great leadership.
We all love a great sports analogy, but in terms of leadership and team development, the marching band offers all lessons: mentorship, succession planning, diversity of roles, execution in synchrony, communication, competition, and more! And they are working together with purpose. And c’mon, a basketball team has, what, 10 people? Only half of which are playing at the same time. This session offers the insights of a self-proclaimed “band geek.” Lighthearted though it may be, the lessons are real, and inspiring.


5:00-5:15       Event Summary and Wrap-up Skyview 2-3


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For Credit Union Association Members and Volunteers, Register here 

For Sponsorship Opportunities contact George McDonald, CUAD Chief Officer of Strategic Services or click here


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