Oahe FCU Joins "Open Your Eyes" Campaign!
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

CUAD is very pleased to report that Oahe Federal Credit Union of Pierre, South Dakota has just joined the “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative with a three-year financial commitment to the campaign. With this pledge, Oahe joins numerous credit unions in supporting the industry goal to promote and increase credit union membership in the Dakotas and nationwide.


“I don’t know who the brilliant people were that thought of this campaign, but kudos to them!” said Dawn Van Ash, CEO of Oahe FCU. “It didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to be a part of it from the start. I don’t feel that the amount CUNA has suggested for my credit union’s contribution is out of line either. Divide that out over 12 months, and it’s actually pretty reasonable and less expensive than most of the advertising I’m paying for now! The campaign is very ‘eye’ catching – it’s a great message and I love all the black and white photos. Internally I think we can do a lot with it using our own pictures. We are very excited about it and can’t wait to get started,” she added.


Staff at Oahe FCU having a little fun with their "Eyes Wide Open" poses! 


“The ‘Open Your Eyes’ campaign has generated enormous excitement in our industry, with 75% of consumers who viewed the concept video during the research phase saying they’d consider joining a credit union,” says Jeff Olson, President/CEO of CUAD. “The campaign is not a replacement for ongoing local marketing; but rather, an enhancement to existing credit union marketing that can be branded to your own credit union! But, having consistent national messaging will defeat the belief that credit unions are only local institutions lacking scale and scope to be consumers’ best financial partners. We have high expectations for this to be a real game changer for our industry,” he concluded.


If you have questions about the “Open Your Eyes” campaign be sure to contact Lori Welder, CUAD's Director of Communications for more information. Remember, what we receive for financial support in the Dakotas for this campaign will be spent right here in the Dakotas – in our target markets. Working together, this campaign can make a real impact in our communities!



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