Planning Your Annual Meeting?
by CUAD Communications

As you start planning your annual meetings for 2019, Credit Union Association of the Dakota’s President/CEO, Jeff Olson, is open to and accepting invitations to attend and upon request, to address your membership at your annual event. He is also willing to present his report at chapter meetings.
Olson will be prepared to provide a brief update on the state of the credit union industry here in the Dakotas and across the country. This can include legislative and regulatory updates, as well as the latest financial trends and disruptors that are impacting financial cooperatives and our members. He is also prepared to speak about the “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative and to field specific questions on issues that are impacting your credit union.


To check on Jeff’s availability or to schedule, please contact Debbie Kruckenberg as soon as possible. These events fill up Jeff’s schedule quickly, so be sure to get your request in early!



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