Healthcare Plus FCU Joins “Open Your Eyes” Campaign
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Photo above: In the true collaborative spirit of credit unions, Guy receives help with his “Eyes Wide Open” pose. “Look Mom, no hands!” he joked.


CUAD is thrilled to report that Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union of Aberdeen, South Dakota has just joined the “Open Your Eyes” Awareness Initiative with a three-year financial commitment to the campaign. With this pledge, Healthcare Plus joins numerous credit unions in supporting the initiative’s goal to promote and increase credit union membership in the Dakotas and nationwide!


“This campaign will be great exposure for credit unions as a whole and we certainly want to contribute our fair share,” stated Guy Trenhaile, President of Healthcare Plus FCU. “I would also encourage all credit unions to consider contributing and I truly hope they do! Also, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to CUNA and CUAD for leading this program,” he added.


Some of the staff at Healthcare Plus show their "Eyes Wide Open" poses. 



“This commitment by Healthcare Plus FCU is absolutely fantastic,” says Jeff Olson, President/CEO of CUAD. “We certainly are ‘better together’ and this investment will help in our efforts here in the Dakotas, and across the country, to get more consumers to consider credit unions as their best financial services provider. Each and any contribution helps to build our shared media budget regional strategy, and all of our local investment will be placed in our own backyard,” he continued.


The “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative promises to be a game changer for America’s credit unions and will feature web-friendly video specifically intended for use on digital channels with highly-targeted demographic targets. It is exciting, engaging, and thoroughly modern in every way. Here in the Dakotas, we could start to see some of the digital ads as soon as February!


CUAD is extremely pleased to see more and more credit unions joining the campaign and making pledges. Our plan is to feature each credit union that has signed on to the campaign in the Memo, so stay tuned to see who else is getting on board!


If you have questions about the “Open Your Eyes” campaign, be sure to contact Lori Welder, CUAD's Director of Communications. Remember, what we receive for financial support in the Dakotas for this campaign will be spent right here in the Dakotas – in our target markets. Working together, this campaign can make a real impact in our communities!



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