In the CEO Spotlight: Meet Vance Reinbold!
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Editor’s note: Last October, we announced in the Memo that Vance Reinbold was selected to replace retiring CEO Deb Gallagher as the next Chief Executive Officer of Capital Credit Union in Bismarck, ND. Vance has been on the job now since November 1, 2018. We reached out to him recently to conduct a CEO Spotlight profile. 



Vance Reinbold was born in the small town of Mohall, North Dakota, located north of Minot and not far from the Canadian border. He was very young when his family moved to Bismarck, where he grew up and attended school, graduating from Century High.

Following high school, he attended Bismarck Junior College (now Bismarck State College) where he received an Associate in Arts degree. He then attended Minnesota State University in Moorhead, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy, and then went on to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

As a young man, he found solid examples in the lives of his parents, who taught him the value of hard work, honesty and character. He learned discipline and focus while participating in sports from his high school and college athletic coaches. While in college, he also worked on a golf course grounds crew during the summers.

Before coming to Capital Credit Union, Vance had worked for St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck for 18 years. In that time, he held several different titles within the Medical Center’s accounting department; when he left to join Capital Credit Union, he was in the position of vice president of finance.

While working in healthcare, he was often exposed to the borrowing and deposit side of the business. He developed an interest in banking and credit unions, and when he saw an opportunity at Capital Credit Union he knew it would be a great way to expand his career. Vance was hired by Capital CU in 2006 as the Director of Internal Audit and Compliance, a newly created position. He held that title for about three years, and then was promoted to Chief Financial Officer, a position he held for nine years, until he was named CEO this past November.

Capital Credit Union has been successfully growing for more than 80 years. First chartered in 1936 as a governmental employees’ credit union, 50 years later it merged with a community credit union in Bismarck, giving them an open charter. Through the years, there have been several strategic mergers. Knife River Credit Union of Hazen, allowed an expanded FOM to include Dickinson and Minot. Noridian Employees Credit Union in Fargo allowed an expanded FOM into the Fargo-Moorhead area. Finally, New Salem Credit Union allowed the credit union to gain the member business lending exemption. Capital Credit Union has maintained branches in all of those communities, and now claims ten branches in total, and employs about 140 individuals on any given day.

As someone who worked in other industries before joining the credit union movement, Vance has an appreciation for the unique culture that exists in the credit union industry. “Each organization does have its own culture as well, but I feel as an industry, we share a common culture and that makes it much easier to relate to peers,” he stated. Of course, we are also all dealing with ever changing compliance and regulations, something he is quick to point out. But, he has been very pleased to see the results of his many working relationships within his peer network, all developed based on sincerity and trust. In his relationships with past supervisors, he has also learned the importance of respectful work and business relationships, something he builds on now in his new position as CEO.

In his personal life, Vance shares his life with his wife, Tracey, his two daughters, Miranda and Brynn, son-in-law Micheal, and one granddaughter, Ruby Lynn. “They are a constant reminder every day how lucky I am to have them in my life, and how important family is,” he says.

Besides his family, Vance dedicates time to the community as well. He currently serves as the chairman of Enable Inc., an organization that serves people with various needs. He is a current board member for the credit union service organization Pactola, and can often be found helping out as a starter at local track meets for the Bismarck Public Schools and the North Dakota High School Activities Association.

Finally, when he is not working or volunteering, he usually finds any excuse to be outdoors where he enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, white water rafting, or just doing yard work. In addition, each spring, he helps to work cattle at his cousin’s ranch in western North Dakota – something he looks forward to every year.




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