Ready to Roll!
by CUAD Communications

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) announced last week the official launch of – the consumer-facing website that allows Americans to learn more about credit unions and identify prospects for credit union membership. If you haven’t taken time to browse around the new site, we strongly encourage you to take a look! is the focal point for the groundbreaking, research-based effort being led by CUNA to grow consumer awareness of credit unions as the best financial partner for American consumers. Landing pages within the site provide specific information on the eligibility, fee-free ATMS, rate offerings, and financial planning and mobile banking access availability at credit unions nationwide.   


The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union awareness initiative is designed to get Americans to consider utilizing credit unions and overcome their misguided assumptions. Through rigorous testing and continual evaluation of audience engagement in-market, CUNA will refine content across channels to ensure it drives action. includes many facts and figures from the extensive research CUNA gathered leading up the official campaign launch, including:


  • Over 5,000 credit unions are available in the U.S. with 99% of Americans being eligible to join;   
  • Credit unions have the largest free ATM network in America with access to over 30,000 ATMs;   
  • Credit union members get 2.5x more interest on their savings than banks;
  • Customer satisfaction is 89% in favor of the credit union experience versus banks;
  • Credit union members save more on their credit card interest in comparison to banks; and
  • Online and mobile banking is simple at credit unions, providing access to money from coast to coast.  

 “All-In” CUAD Webinar Next Week!

CUAD has received much positive support from our member credit unions, and we have been featuring each credit union that has signed on with the campaign in the Memo. We are aspiring to get every CUAD member credit union to join the “Open Your Eyes” initiative. We encourage you to join us February 8th at 3:00 p.m. to learn more during our CUAD “All-In” webinar when we will discuss the roll-out coming this month (February) in the Dakotas. Whether you on the fence about signing on, or you have already signed on and would like to have more detailed information, you don’t want to miss this informational hour.





*Please contact Lori Welder, CUAD’s Director of Communications with any campaign questions or to sign a pledge of support.



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