We're All-In! How About You?
by Jeff Olson

We’re all-in! Are you? 

The “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative is set to launch in the Dakotas very soon and we can hardly wait! For nearly two years we have been sharing the extraordinary research, debunking the credit union myths: “I can’t join;” “They’re too small;” “I can’t access my money;” and “My money isn’t safe.” 

In just a few weeks, we will be launching the CUNA awareness initiative, “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” right here in our region. This exciting campaign is designed to drive consumer consideration of credit unions and debunk those old myths.

Thanks to many of our members that have committed their support, we are prepared to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that will drive the credit union difference as a “top of mind” financial alternative for consumers and families across the Dakotas. 

Last week, YourMoneyFurther.com was launched. This is the consumer-facing website where people can learn about and find credit unions they can join. There's a lot to check out, especially how campaign contributors have a special designation in the search function of the website.

Prior to the regional launch here in the Dakotas, we are hosting a Dakota CU webinar on Friday, February 8 at 3 PM CST (2 PM MST). This 45 minute webinar will lay out the media strategy in our region. The webinar is open to all CUAD members. Joining us on the call will be Susan Toalson, CUNA VP of Credit Union Outreach. Susan will have information on the Dakota launch and she’ll share some of the creative content that you will soon see in our market. She will also answer any questions and you’ll have the opportunity to address your concerns.

Many Dakota CUs have already committed to supporting and joining this bold initiative. Several have not. Why not? Find out why you need to be “All-In” on this initiative. If you haven’t done so, we need you to pre-register for the webinar. You can learn more about the webinar and register here.

If you can’t join us for the webinar, please have another leader your credit union sign up. In fact, I encourage you to include or invite some of your volunteer leaders to join us for this important rollout. However, please be sure to pre-register.

We’re ALL-IN, are you? “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union!”   

*If you have any questions about the campaign or signing a pledge, be sure to contact Lori Welder, CUAD's Director of Communication. 

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