South Dakota: We Need Your Help!
by Jay Kruse
Chief Advocacy Officer

This is an important alert, and we need your help!

Senate Bill 37 (SB 37) has passed out of committee yesterday and is on its way to the House floor for a vote today! SB 37 is a bill that amends and modernizes the state's current statutes relating to Association Health Plans, providing a waiver process to open up our CUAD Health Benefits Trust to our SD affiliated members. 

We issued our first Action Alert regarding SB 37 a few weeks ago as the legislation moved through the Senate. Now we are asking you to reach out to your state representative requesting their support of SB 37 on the House Floor.

Put simply, SB 37 can provide another option for South Dakotans to obtain health insurance coverage in the challenging insurance market that exists today under the Affordable Care Act. This bill removes certain barriers in South Dakota law while maintaining important consumer protections. 

  • A successful vote on the House floor TODAY sends SB 37 to Governor Noem's desk for her signature.
  • The floor debate and House vote will take place TODAY – Thursday, February 7.
  • Reach out to your Representative asking them to VOTE YES and support SB 37.

We encourage you to please email your State Representative and request that they support SB 37 to give South Dakota small businesses another option to help control rising healthcare costs. This legislation isn't just good news for credit unions. It opens up the option for any group of associated individuals or employers to join together to form an Association Health Plan allowing the ability to control rising healthcare costs by joining the large group insurance market. 

Floor session is scheduled for today, Thursday, February 7, at 2:00 p.m. CT.  
We have activated our Voter Voice Grassroots Action Center. 
We ask that you please utilize this valuable resource. Steps include:

1. Enter your Name

2. Enter your Email, Address, and Business Info



Feel free to use the message that has been crafted for your email. Please let Jay Kruse or Jeff Olson know if you need any help.  


Revolving Message 1

I am reaching out today asking for you to VOTE Yes on SB 37 and support more healthcare options for small businesses.

This is a pro-consumer, pro-small business solution as healthcare costs continue to increase. South Dakota small businesses need more options and tools to help control the rising healthcare and premium costs. South Dakotans should not be forced to absorb another year of rising healthcare premiums without more options for managing these costs. This bill removes certain barriers in South Dakota law while maintaining important consumer protections. Please VOTE YES on SB 37 in support of SD consumers and small businesses!

Thank you for your consideration.  


Revolving Message 2

SB 37 will be debated on the House floor, and I am writing to you today asking for your support.

SB 37 was introduced and amended by the SD Division of Insurance and is both business and consumer friendly. It maintains proper oversight by the state as well as keeping all current consumer protections in place while giving South Dakota small businesses another option in controlling the continuously rising healthcare costs occurring across the state.

South Dakota small businesses and employees will both benefit from having more options and tools available to help combat rising healthcare costs and offer affordable healthcare options. Please VOTE YES on SB 37 in support of SD consumers and small businesses!

Thank you for your consideration.



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