Last Call for "All-In" Webinar!
by CUAD Communications

“To go fast, go alone, to go far, go together.” ~African proverb.

Have you been watching the stories unfold about all the credit unions from the Dakotas joining the awareness initiative? Are you on the fence about signing on, because you’re not sure how this will benefit your credit union? Or, maybe you have already signed on, but you would like to have more detailed information!

CUAD will hold a webinar tomorrow - February 8th to discuss everything you want to know about the national awareness campaign. Susan Toalson, Vice President of Credit Union Outreach for CUNA is leading the charge for the Creating Awareness Initiative, and she will also be leading our webinar, along with Jeff Olson, CUAD President/CEO and Lori Welder, CUAD’s Director of Communications. Plan to join us for some great discussion, including:

  • The latest updates on the national campaign;
  • Intro to the new dashboard and analytics it contains; and
  • Using the campaign Portal and materials you can customize.

Great organizations can do remarkable things if everyone engaged can collectively pull together as one unit. As a collaborative group working together, we truly can accomplish remarkable things. We are aspiring to get every CUAD member credit union “All-In” on the “Open Your Eyes” initiative, and we invite you join us tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. to learn more.





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