Missed the "All-In" Webinar?
by CUAD Communications

Thank you to all of our members who tuned in on Friday afternoon for the “All-In” awareness webinar that we held with Susan Toalson, CUNA’s VP of Awareness. Approximately 60 credit union professionals from all across the Dakotas joined the 45-minute session, and were able to see the amazing video we put together using many of the photos contributing credit unions have submitted, along with some of the “Open Your Eyes” graphics that CUNA has created as part of the campaign. They also received behind-the-scenes information on how this digital campaign will work – directly targeting financial decision makers and those looking for financial service providers.

The “Open Your Eyes” initiative is set to launch in the Dakotas soon, and we can hardly wait! During the webinar, we learned that we can expect to see campaign content in our marketplace likely in March, according to Toalson. We are continuing to solicit support from members who have not yet committed to the campaign, and we are aspiring to achieve 100% member participation! We know that is a very ambitious goal, but we truly believe this is our “Got Milk?” moment, and that this massive branding effort portrays a consistent message that will be seen and heard by consumers in our regional marketplace – and all across the country.

Credit unions need to work together to not only raise awareness, but to convince consumers to consider using credit unions to meet their financial needs. This Initiative is an all-out effort to get more consumers to consider best financial services provider, and we strongly encourage all of our member credit unions to join.

If you would like to view (or re-view) the recorded “All-In” webinar that was presented on Friday, please email Lori Welder for the CUAD members-only link. And be sure to visit the consumer-facing website YourMoneyFurther.com that was recently launched and explore how your credit union can be found using the locator function!


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