Patty Mathisen, Retired, VUE Community CU
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Director of Communications

Patty Mathisen has been a member of Vue Community Credit Union since 1981, when she was hired as a part-time teller. Prior to working at the credit union, she had worked as a bookkeeper for the Bismarck Kmart Automotive Department for seven years, where she says she learned “all about vehicles, and what makes them run.”

Her part-time position at the credit union quickly turned into full-time, and she eventually moved from teller to consumer loan officer, mortgage loan officer, vice president, and then was named president/CEO in January of 2009.

Originally started as St. Alexius Hospital Credit Union in 1961, the credit union was a closed charter, offering services to the employees of St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck, North Dakota. The story is told that the tiny credit union was first operated from a closet in the personnel office of the hospital, and in fact, Patty herself was born at this very hospital! 

In 1991, the credit union moved from the hospital, across the street, taking over a building on Main Avenue that had once been a gas station and convenience store. The building was gutted and remodeled into a beautiful financial institution.

When the hospital changed its name to St. Alexius Medical Center, the credit union followed suit, becoming St. Alexius Medical Center Credit Union, and then changed again to St. Alexius Community Credit Union. After opening the membership to the community of Bismarck and Mandan, the credit union needed an entire new name to overcome the perception that one had to be employed by the hospital to join. Thus, it finally became what we know today as Vue Community Credit Union.

In 2012, more space was needed, and so another remodel added an additional 2,000 square feet. The credit union also has a small branch space that they have leased in northwest Bismarck, and there are future plans to build another branch in northeast Bismarck, as they are running out of space at the Main Avenue location.

When Patty first began her career at the credit union, they were under $2M in assets. Today, they have grown to more than $56M and have evolved into a full-service financial institution. “It's been very rewarding, to say the least, to watch this credit union grow and succeed,” stated Mathisen. “I remember our $2 million mark celebration, and other milestones we reached along the way. And, I've had several mentors through the years, but I will never forget Jack Eakman, who believed in me all along the way. Thank you, Jack!” she added.

After more than 36 years, Patty will be officially retiring as CEO on March 30th. She has already announced her replacement, Steve DeLap, who has been with the credit union for five years. While she is staying on in an advisory capacity, Steve assumed the CEO position on January 1st.

“My decision to retire was not an easy one, but I have no regrets,” continued Mathisen. “Although I know I will miss the people, the members and the employees, I will NOT miss the never-ending regulation changes!”

Patty has much to look forward to, as her husband, Jeff, will also soon retire from CHI St. Alexius after 40 years of service. They live just north of Bismarck, in a residential development where they have can enjoy the outdoors and work in their flower gardens. “We have five wonderful children and ten beautiful grandchildren, whom I want to spend more time with. I've had many experiences during my career, and it has been a very rewarding life. I am ready to move on to the next chapter, sleeping better, and doing whatever I want to, every day. I am leaving the credit union in a very strong and successful position, and also leaving them with the best hopes for their continued success in the future,” she concluded.

On a personal note, I can’t let it go unmentioned that Patty was actually my neighbor when I lived in Bismarck. Very early in the mornings, when I would be out walking my dog at 6:30 or 7 in the morning, she would pass me on our street, and pull over to say hello for a moment. I always thought it was very early to be heading into work – as I typically was not dressed for the day yet.

Congratulations on your retirement, Patty! We wish you all the best!

*Photos show Patty with her newest grandchild #10, Maris Jean, born in October; Patty with her husband, Jeff; and with her daughter Katie at the Make-A-Wish golf tournament.



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