M-O Federal CU Joins “Open Your Eyes” Campaign
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

CUAD is very pleased to report that M-O Federal CU in Huron, South Dakota has joined the “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative with their pledge of financial support.


"The Eyes Wide Open campaign is a great opportunity to partner with credit unions nationwide in bringing awareness to the credit union difference and promoting the credit union philosophy,” said Gail Broer, President/CEO of M-O FCU. “We plan to utilize the campaign within our own credit union marketing efforts, making the contribution even more valuable! We’re very excited to see what the results will be.”


Jeff Olson, President/CEO of CUAD, is grateful to all of our member credit unions that are participating with a pledge of financial support. “Without the financial commitment from our members in the Dakotas, we couldn’t make the necessary investment to get this launched in the Dakotas,” he stated. “This campaign is going to create an updated image for credit unions in a rapidly changing financial services marketplace. To be successful, it’s important we educate, inspire, and open everyone’s eyes to credit unions! We sincerely thank Gail and M-O Federal Credit Union for their pledge of support,” he concluded.


According to our most recent update from CUNA, the “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative is expected to appear across digital channels here in the Dakotas sometime in March. We are continuing to ask ALL credit unions to join us in this effort with a pledge of financial support. If you would like to learn more, please contact Lori Welder, CUAD’s Director of Communications.


Be sure to visit the consumer-facing website YourMoneyFurther.com that has been launched and explore how your credit union can be found using the locator function!


Finally, it’s important to remember, what we receive for financial support in the Dakotas for this initiative will be spent right here in the Dakotas – in our target markets. Working together, this campaign can make a real impact in our communities!



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