Planning for More Political Success Into the Future
by CUAD Communications

Credit unions from both North and South Dakota once again exceeded their political fundraising goals in 2018, finishing in 2nd and 4th place nationally. This accomplishment makes it even more exciting for our CULAC Trustees to attend the GAC, and participate in CULAC meetings!


Shown in the photo above, Paul Brucker, (CEO of Railway Credit Union) our North Dakota CULAC Trustee and CULAC Executive Committee Member, along with Chad Moller, (Branch Manager at Dakotaland FCU) our South Dakota CULAC Trustee, landed in DC over the weekend for pre-conference meetings on Saturday and Sunday.


On Saturday, Brucker represented CUAD at the CULAC executive session. “It was a productive meeting, which consisted of planning for more political success into the future,” he stated. “We have a strong presence of payroll deduction credit unions in both states, and we have a solid list of individual large contributors, he added.


On Sunday morning, Chad Moller and Paul Brucker attended an intense session of CULAC training. On Sunday afternoon, Moller and Brucker both attended the CULAC Trustees meeting, during which an annual award booklet was made available. You can see the impressive list of Dakota’s large contributors at the end of this article. Leadership Training attendees heard a presentation from Mark Renaud of Wiley Rein LLP, about PAC Fundraising Compliance, followed by a group discussion on fundraising best practices.


The fundraising efforts of both our Dakota Trustees were recognized during the Board of Trustees Meeting. South Dakota was one of only six states to achieve over 200% and North Dakota was one of only two states to achieve over 300% of goal. 


In 2018, North Dakota credit unions contributed $26,107 to CULAC (Credit Union Legislative Action Council), the federal PAC of the Credit Union National Association. The contributions put North Dakota at 341% over goal for a second place finish in the nation. South Dakota’s contribution of $23,153.47 put South Dakota at 254% over goal and 4th best in the country.  


Additionally, our two-state Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) accounts reported very strong fundraising earnings in 2018. North Dakota led the way, contributing $16,416 to the ND CUPAC fund, while South Dakota contributed $10,475 to the SD CUPAC account. Since CUAD splits its monthly payroll deduction funds between the federal and state PACs (CULAC and CUPAC), our cumulative political fund totals were significant. North Dakota raised $42,523 political action funds and South Dakota raised $33,625. Collectively, CUAD affiliated credit unions contributed $76,152 in 2018!


For more information on how you can schedule a payroll deduction rollout at your credit union and help support our CULAC and CUPAC fundraising, please contact Jay Kruse or Jeff Olson.






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