Another Busy Day at GAC for Dakota’s Group
by CUAD Communications

Photo above: CUAD President/CEO Jeff Olson sits down with Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast for an interview at the GAC. 

Following the general sessions at the GAC yesterday, Dakota’s crew split off to attend or to participate in various breakout sessions throughout the afternoon.

Jean Peterson, Volunteer at Aberdeen Federal Credit Union played a key role in the afternoon breakout sessions yesterday, as she was a featured panelist for the “Your Role in Credit Union Advocacy” discussion. Jay Kruse attended this session. Along with other panelists, Jean reviewed the programs and resources CUNA has to help credit unions develop relationships state and federal lawmakers. With the 116th Congress now in session, building these relationships is more crucial than ever. Establishing these relationships takes place back in the Dakotas, as well as in Washington, D.C. The panel discussed a variety of techniques and programs that currently exist to help enhance credit union advocacy and answered audience questions. The session was moderated by Keith Sias, Senior VP of Governmental Affairs, Illinois CU League. Other panelists included Kyle Frick, VP of Community Relations, Mid-Oregon Credit Union and Steve Gilman, President/CEO, Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union.

Amy Kleinschmit attended “Regulatory and Litigation Threats to Credit Unions in 2019.” The regulatory environment for credit unions has been chaotic the last few years, as we are well aware. Even as the regulatory environment may be calming down, credit unions are faced with additional threats, such as frivolous lawsuits brought by aggressive plaintiffs' attorneys. During this session, a panel of professionals from the industry discussed how the regulatory and legal environment in 2019 will affect credit unions and their operations. The session also discussed consumer protection and stressed that credit unions should pay attention to NCUA supervisory priority letter to credit unions, which focuses on emerging risks.

Lori Welder attended “Payments and Cybersecurity Issues for 2019 and Beyond” where speakers discussed top technology issues for credit unions. This session featured a discussion by the Federal Reserve Board on faster payments, including an update on the last year's real-time payments proposal and ways credit unions can improve and test cyber security preparedness.

Last but not least – Jeff Olson was once again invited to stop by the CU Broadcast booth for an interview with Mike Lawson. CU Broadcast is a collection of informative, online video interviews discussing today’s credit union issues and trends with some of the industry’s finest innovators, ambassadors, and game changers. Mike is the creative person behind this credit union talkshow, and has long been a supporter of CUAD’s work with CU Social Good. The interview featured a discussion not only of progress with our CU Social Good project, but the gaining momentum of the “Open Your Eyes” awareness initiative in the Dakotas, and around the country. Jeff even showed Mike the recent copy of Prairie Business magazine, in which Olson was featured with a photo of the pair from a previous interview! We will be sure to share the video link of the interview once it becomes available. 



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