Are You the Weakest Link?
by CUAD Communications

Today’s environment requires everyone to take more responsibility for protecting personal and employer digital assets from the various, never-ending digital attacks. Everyone benefits when individuals understand hackers’ primary methods, how to mitigate threats, and how to avoid being the weakest link.

This webinar will be a fresh look at hacking the weakest link – people duped by social engineering. Social engineering is commonly seen in phishing emails, fraudulent phone calls, and other confidence schemes. It is the easiest and most common method used by malicious attackers to gain unauthorized access to systems, resources, and data. Learn common real-world tricks and techniques that work and how to lower your risk. Get the latest tactics, tools, and techniques straight from an expert “white hat” hacker.

Hacking the Weakest Link: The Role of Staff in Maintaining IT Security.

This webinar will be held on Monday, April 29, 2019 from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm CT

Key Highlights will include:

  • How to ensure you are not the weakest link in your institution’s cyber security program
  • The easiest and most effective ways to hack any organization
  • Protecting your institution from the most common scams, cons, and digital threats
  • How criminals exploit your trust and human nature
  • Keys to recognizing social engineering, how it works, and how to mitigate its effects
  • The three most common methods of attacking the human component of cyber security
  • Why lending someone your phone is the worst possible thing to do
  • The latest tactics, tools, and techniques used by successful hackers




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