New Record Set with Irish Auction!
by CUAD Communications

This year’s Irish Auction at the Summit in Fargo raised a record amount of money, with a grand total of $4,838 collected from ticket sales. This is the most money raised by this event in CUAD’s history. The next closest year was in 2017, when $4,305 was raised.


“The great success of our Irish Auction fundraiser has directly contributed to the success of our advocacy efforts in Washington D.C.,” says Jay Kruse, CUAD’s Chief Advocacy Officer. “The funds generated have assisted many CUAD members in attending our annual Hike-the-Hill events, which has played a huge role in building strong relationships with our Dakotas’ Congressional delegation. We truly appreciate the outstanding support of our Irish Auction and hope to continue to build off its success in the future!”


All proceeds from this popular event go to the Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) which uses the funds to provide assistance scholarships to members from North and South Dakota who attend the CUNA GAC Conference and other important meetings, such as “Hike the Hill” events. Since 2008, 64 scholarships have been awarded for a total of $46,000, and this makes a huge difference in our advocacy efforts.


No doubt the number and quality of the donated auction items contributed to the outstanding success this year, and we sincerely appreciate every credit union that participated. We also thank every Summit attendee who purchased tickets, and offer our congratulations to those who won prizes! Your contributions made this year’s fundraiser a smashing success!


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