Deadline Approaching for CUFD Grants
by CUAD Communications

Affiliated North and South Dakota credit unions are eligible to apply for grants from the Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas (CUFD). Community organizations are also encouraged to apply, but they must partner with a North or South Dakota credit union, and be able to clearly demonstrate how the project will impact credit unions and their members to be eligible.


Some of the many projects that grant funds may be used for include:


  • Public education initiatives related to consumer finance;
  • Projects and programs that support new, small or community development credit unions;
  • Disaster relief; and
  • Partnerships that provide services or carry out projects consistent with the Foundation’s mission and purposes.

Special Match Program for Chapters!


This year, the CUFD has instituted a new incentive specifically for credit union chapters. The CUFD board voted to grant $500 to each credit union chapter as part of the initiative to support financial wellness. IN ADDITION: the CUFD will match funds that any chapter contributes to a Foundation approved project, up to $500. To receive funds, chapters must submit projects that promote financial education for approval. For example, in an approved project, if the chapter contributes in $500, the Foundation will match $500, plus the original $500 grant for a total of $1,500. Chapters that complete projects that were not pre-approved will only receive a $500 grant, not the bonus match.


For all projects that receive grants, the Foundation would like their logo to be used in any advertising materials to further promote the Foundation and increase exposure and fundraising activity.


Deadline to apply for Foundation grants is May 30.


Click here for more Foundation information, including Social Impact Grants application form with additional instructions. For general questions, contact Lori Welder, CUFD Executive Director.


The Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas (CUFD) is the charitable arm of the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas. Its purpose is to build community awareness of Dakota credit unions through the support of children’s charities, community and social impact organizations or projects, financial education and financial literacy programs through the credit union chapter system, and to provide higher education scholarships throughout our service region in the Dakotas.




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