Fargo VA FCU Joins “Open Your Eyes” Campaign
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

CUAD is continuing to promote the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® national awareness initiative, with our ultimate goal to have every one of our member credit unions involved with the campaign! This week, we are very pleased to report that Fargo VA Federal Credit Union of Fargo, North Dakota, is the latest to join with their pledge of financial support.


“Seeing that credit unions are a national phenomenon and widely supported by community leaders adds to our credibility and the services we provide,” says Pete Pfau, Board Member at Fargo VA FCU. “This national exposure also serves our current members, by educating them through new channels and reinforcing the many benefits that the VA Credit Union offers. As a small credit union, being a part of the Credit Union National Association, I feel like it is an honor, and our duty to help the community to see the awesome benefits that credit unions deliver,” he added.


Jana Thune, CEO at Fargo VA FCU says that it feels good to be able to be a part of something big, especially from the “small credit union” standpoint. “I love that credit unions, regardless of size, are working together to help strengthen the credit union movement! Our credit union’s mission is to help members achieve financial success, and we want them to know that we can serve them better than our competition. I feel that this campaign is a positive way to get this accomplished,” she explained.


CUAD President/CEO Jeff Olson agrees that credit unions all working together will be a key part of this campaign’s success. “The purpose of the Open Your Eyes initiative is to drive consumers to consider credit unions as a better financial option. This is something we all need to join forces on – regardless of credit union size – as we take the first steps to get the campaign off the ground in the Dakotas.”


Early campaign results have been very positive in the states where the full initiative has been launched. This includes North and South Carolina, Michigan, and Minnesota. The campaign is scheduled for rollout in the Dakotas this summer. If you missed the latest update for our contributing members, you can review that here.


If you would like more information about the campaign, please contact Lori Welder, CUAD’s Director of Communications. Also, be sure to visit the consumer-facing website YourMoneyFurther.com that has been launched and explore how your credit union can be found using the locator function! Those credit unions that contribute financial support to the campaign receive priority placement on the locator.


Finally, it’s important to remember, what we receive for financial support in the Dakotas for this initiative will be spent right here in the Dakotas – in our target markets. Working together, this campaign can make a real impact in our communities!






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