Play #OYEISPY and WIN!
by CUAD Communications

OYE Has Officially Launched!

The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign has now successfully launched in the Dakotas! Once again, we thank all participating credit unions for their dedication and financial commitment to get the campaign off the ground!

“From our perspective, now is the perfect time to enhance our consumer consideration potential in the Dakotas,” says CUAD President/CEO Jeff Olson. “We have been successful in engaging our members by articulating the message that together, we can overcome the myths and barriers to growth. I’m pleased to share that 75% of our affiliated Dakota credit unions are ‘all-in’ and contributing to the awareness initiative, showing that credit unions in the Dakotas strongly believe in this effort.”

You’ve been with us while we’ve shared Open Your Eyes campaign research and data at town halls, roundtables, other meetings and event. We’re excited for the official launch and want to build even more excitement.

Do You Spy OYE in the Dakotas?

To keep the celebration going, we’re giving away Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® t-shirts to the first 50 credit unions or individuals that spot the campaign in action and help us expand the excitement. Please note, this contest is only for credit unions that have pledged to the campaign and their employees.

To win, simply SHARE a photo of one of the OYE electronic billboards in your area on Facebook or SHARE an OYE Facebook or Instagram targeted ad on Facebook! All entries must tag our CUAD Facebook page and use #OYEISPY to qualify. Share as often as you like, but only 1 shirt will be awarded per entrant so we can all share the love.

To further the social media impact of your post: Tag yourmoneyfurther on Facebook; yourmoneyfurther on Instagram, and @moneyfurther and @CUADMemo on Twitter as well. As a reminder, there is also a closed Facebook group ONLY for supporting credit unions that you can find here: Your Money Further Credit Union Community.

You never know where the campaign will pop up! Lacey TerWee from University FCU was the first to capture a picture as she spotted this electronic billboard in Grand Forks, North Dakota! 




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