Don't Miss The Pee Wee Summer Sale!
by CUAD Communications

The Pee Wee and Friends® Summer Sale is happening now at the Igloo Mall where you will find all kinds of promotional items at special prices. It’s a great time to select items from a variety of price points for your summer or back-to-school celebrations. Your events become even more memorable when the kids take a little prize home with them!  

Some of the specially priced items include:

  • Pencils
  • Rulers
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Lunch Bags
  • Bookmarks
  • Chapstick

Need some ideas for a Pee Wee themed event? How about…

  • A Pee Wee Picnic at the credit union or a local park
  • A Pool Party for Pee Wee members, and/or the public
  • A Day at the Zoo
  • A Play Date at your credit union with games and/or inflatables and prizes
  • An Ice Cream Social at your credit union
  • A Back-to-School party

Of course, all of these events are more fun if Pee Wee is attending too! Don’t forget – you can rent a Pee Wee costume suit (adult size) so one of your staff or volunteers can take on the character and interact with the kids.

Most schools in the Dakotas start between August 21 & 23, so it's time to start thinking about back-to-school promotions, local “Fill the Bus” efforts, or some cool swag to celebrate the new school year.

Remember, this summer sale runs through August 30th.

Visit the Igloo Mall today for your favorite giveaways for kids and “Open Their Eyes” to your credit union with the Pee Wee and Friends® young savers club.   


Pee Wee and Friends® helps credit union kids learn about saving money and smart spending. This program is filled with financial education opportunities, as well as other fun activities for kids in kindergarten - sixth grade. Make a difference with your young members and show them the smart ways to save with the Pee Wee and Friends® program.

Pee Wee and Friends® will introduce young members at your credit union to saving, spending, and other financial tips. This program will help your young members learn about the lifelong benefits of becoming a credit union member. The program can also help create an atmosphere for the younger members within the credit union, thus giving them the feeling of belonging that they should feel when visiting the credit union.

If you are interested in having the Pee Wee and Friends® at your credit union please contact Debbie Kruckenberg.

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