Norstar FCU Gets Into OYE Spirit!
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Jane Duerre, CEO of Norstar FCU in Britton, South Dakota is encouraging her staff to help build enthusiasm for CUNA’s Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® national awareness initiative. Last Friday, her entire crew sported campaign-themed swag, compliments of the credit union.


“I had listened to CUAD’s Awareness Campaign Launch Webinar a few weeks ago, where I learned that we could order the t-shirts,” she stated. “The main idea for our credit union to order these was to get all of our employees on board and excited about the campaign. The shirts were ordered from CUNA’s Member Celebrations Store and only took about one week to arrive,” she continued.


As you can see, the staff is looking great and ready to start promoting the credit union difference. Jane shared that even though they haven’t started any specific credit union branded advertising associated with the campaign at this time, she has already had one potential member approach her in a local grocery store. “He asked me about our rates, and when I shared them, he said he loved the CD rate – and would be in this week to open up a $100,000 deposit!” she added.


Remember, you can win a free t-shirt by participating in our #OYEISPY contest. We still have 41 shirts to be claimed! Here is a little hint: follow Your Money Further on Facebook and Instagram, or @moneyfurther on Twitter. You are sure to capture an “Open Your Eyes” promotion on one of those platforms! Or, if you are interested in purchasing shirts for your staff or for member promotions, you can do so by following the directions here: Order OYE Shirts.

If you have any questions about the campaign, ordering t-shirts, or using the creative assets available to campaign contributors, be sure to contact Lori Welder.


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