Before it was Rapid City, it was Hay Camp!
by CUAD Communications

When we plan our annual fall conference, we start by selecting an interesting venue that will be, shall we say, unique. That is why we have selected the Hay Camp Brewing Company in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota for our 2019 New Ideas Conference. Not only does the venue provide an outstanding selection of small-batch hand crafted ales, it has a historical flair with a connection to the days of the gold rush. Plus, it is conveniently located just one block from the Alex Johnson Hotel.

Years ago, Rapid City was only known as “Hay Camp.” It was established to supply feed for livestock in the burgeoning gold camps of the Northern Hills. Once the town site was measured off with a designated business district in the center, it was soon christened Rapid City.

Welcome to Hay Camp Brewing Company, the name sake of the olden days! To walk into the rustic-sleek brewery and taproom in downtown Rapid City, to see the reclaimed wood, the antique mining equipment, along with the row of gleaming taps, is to see an establishment looking beyond simply offering a solid product in a well-designed location. The space resonates with the community and boasts a certain hometown pride. It’s a place for a wide and varied demographic of people to gather, connect and communicate.

The building’s design shows great attention to detail. Take time to examine the tall, rugged beams of lumber reclaimed from the depths of nearby Homestake Gold Mine running around the curves of the walls, handsome bison hide leather stretched over the booth seats, and the rich, dark mahogany bar winding its way through the taproom. To fully optimize the finished product’s enjoyment, Hay Camp offers what they call the “Better Beer Experience,” serving their beer in German crystal Spiegelau glasses, poured with a prominent head to provide a more luxurious mouthfeel and enlivened aroma.

But all that celebration of the past doesn’t mean that Hay Camp isn’t looking forward, too. Western South Dakota is rich in culture and artistry, and in addition to the skilled woodwork and design, you’ll see the work of local visual artists displayed in the Mothership Commons room and on the tavern walls.

The 3,400 square-foot Hay Camp venue will be a comfortable and casual place where we will kick off our New Ideas Conference on Monday, October 7 and continue to meet through Tuesday, October 8. Then, on Wednesday, October 9 we will wrap things up by noon at the historic Alex Johnson Hotel.

If you have previously attended the New Ideas Conference, you know that this unique event is like no other! We look at the latest trends and disruptors in the credit union movement and the marketplace – and we connect the dots so you clearly see how these “New Ideas” relate to your credit union. What are you waiting for? Register today! And be sure to stay tuned to the Memo for more exciting details.



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