The President's Perspective
by Jeff Olson

Greetings and happy Monday!

We are kicking off the new week with some exciting news! Last Friday, we officially submitted our Multiple Employer Trust (CUAD Health Benefits Trust) waiver application to the South Dakota Department of Insurance for consideration. We’re hoping to get positive news from the department within the next few weeks. If, and once we get the nod from the department to move forward, it’s full steam ahead.  We’ll keep you posted on the process and South Dakota members should be on the lookout for information soon as to the timing of a prospective enrollment.

Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable is a great platform to network and learn.

I want to thank each of the CEOs that attended the Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable in Fargo last week. We had terrific dialogue led by Tom Sakash from CUNA, and each of the leaders brought great items to the table for discussion and sharing. One of the biggest takeaways is that small credit union leaders shouldn’t be “limited by limitations.” Meaning, just because you’re a small community based credit union, or a select employer group/common bond credit union, you can still succeed in areas such as business member lending and indirect lending. With persistence and creativity, small credit unions can find their niche to grow and succeed. We’ll be hosting the Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable in South Dakota in 2020 and look forward to another informative event.   

Next Up, “Head for the Hills” in October for the New Ideas Conference.

I hope you can join us in the majestic Black Hills for the CUAD New Ideas Conference, October 7 – 9.  The year we’re excited to have our fall event in downtown Rapid City at the Hay Camp Brewery on Monday and Tuesday while wrapping up at the Historic Alex Johnson Hotel on Wednesday.

As is the tradition at the CUAD New Ideas Fall Conference, we’ll dive into the latest trends, industry disrupters, and develop cutting edge ideas together. Not only is the venue unique, Dakota credit union leaders and professionals will learn to think in new and innovative ways. Using imagination and ingenuity, we will help participants find creative solutions for inspiration and individual and institutional growth.

Incredible Speaker Lineup.

This year we’re extremely excited to bring Filene Research Institute’s Immersion Workshop to the New Ideas. The workshop will be led by Elry Armaza from Filene Research Institute and will unfold over the course of the entire event. The Filene Method will focus on Human Centered Design Insights, Empathy Mapping, Problem Identification; Ideation; Prototyping and Testing. We also have secured Jesse McGannon from Strategic Resource Management who will be demonstrating how credit unions of all sizes can get started at future-proofing their operations. Then, we have Josh Cook, CEO Community Choice Credit Union, a marketing expert who has won multiple industry awards. And, as announced late last week in the Memo, we have just added a much anticipated speaker, Aaron Grossman with AdvantEdge Analytics! Data analytics has the power to elevate credit unions – and you do not want to miss this opportunity to learn about how you can transform the way you do business. This week in the Memo, we’ll be sharing the fine details about each of our New Ideas presenters, so be sure to stay tuned if you would like to learn more.

Photos L to R: Armaza; McGannon; Cook; and Grossman. 

Many Thanks to Our Dakota Credit Union Leaders!

Many of our members were busy attending in-district meetings and townhalls across the region the last month during the August recess. Many thanks to the credit union leaders who made time to connect with our legislators to advocate for our priorities. Dakota congressional members return to Capitol Hill today and will be back in session. Next week, the CUAD Advocacy team will be leading a group of 11 Dakota credit union leaders to Washington, DC for our annual legislative and regulatory “Hike-the-Hill.” Our staff will be providing updates in the Memo from our meetings with our regulators and elected officials, so be sure to tune in each day next week to stay informed!

Have a great week,




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