Lakota FCU Staff “All-In” for Open Your Eyes Campaign
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Even though the official launch of the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® national awareness initiative is well underway across the Dakotas, we are continuing to promote the campaign, with our ultimate goal to have every one of our member credit unions involved.


Lakota Federal Credit Union (LFCU), Kyle SD, recently signed on to the campaign and sent their “Eyes Wide Open” photos to CUAD to share. “We decided participate in the Open Your Eyes campaign because we live in a very remote area, and as the very first financial institution on the Pine Ridge Reservation, many members weren’t even aware of what a credit union is,” said Shayna Ferguson, Manager of LFCU. “That is literally what we try to do, to open their eyes and make people aware of how much better a credit union is compared to a for-profit bank.”


She continues, “We feel it will have a huge impact for LFCU. We are more personal with our members, and we give back to our community – not just when requested, but all year round. Our entire staff is excited to jump on board with this, because we love the credit union philosophy – People Helping People! We try to speak it and follow it in our everyday lives, whether we’re at work or at a family reunion. LFCU’s doors have been open since 2012, and yet we still have the barrier of distance and outreach to the local communities, many whom have no clue we exist, or who we are and what we can offer. The benefits of being a credit union member are huge, and if LFCU can spread that word throughout our area, it will be a success on its own! The initiative is a great thing for credit unions, and the staff here at LFCU are definitely all in,” she concluded.


CUAD President/CEO Jeff Olson agrees sharing one united message will be a key part of this campaign’s success. “The primary purpose of the Open Your Eyes initiative is to drive consumers to consider credit unions as a better financial option,” said Olson. “This is something we all need to join forces on, and I’m grateful and proud of the support we have received from our Dakota credit unions. Lakota has a unique situation because before they opened their doors, their community really had no good options for financial services. The fact that a credit union was established and has been such a success is good for the entire area, and opening even more eyes to that fact will guarantee continued growth and success for Lakota FCU,” he concluded.

Photos show Lakota staff members Lacee Lawrence, MSR (above), and Kalee Larson MSR and Loan Officer and Lexxi Hunter, Collections Officer.


If you would like more information about the campaign or have questions about how contributors can use the available marketing resources, please contact Lori Welder, CUAD’s Director of Communications.



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