In the Spotlight: Meet Janel Lowe from Freedom CCU
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Janel Lowe has been a member of a credit union since 1984, when she first joined one in Jamestown, North Dakota. “I have stayed with them ever since because I love credit unions and everything they stand for,” she said.


For the past 30 years, she has been a staff member of Freedom Community Credit Union in Fargo. Starting in an entry level position, she has worked her way up over time from Member Service Representative, to Loan Officer, to her latest title: Senior Service Representative & Mortgage Loan Officer.


“I love both of my current titles, and especially enjoyed working with mortgages for the past 19 years. I have grown in my profession, thanks to Freedom CCU and my manager giving me these opportunities,” she stated.


She has nothing but praise for the people she has worked with throughout her career. “I learned from them, the type of person I want to become, and how to pursue those goals – with the right attitude, and willingness to present myself professionally, while being happy and able to laugh,” she added.


Most recently, Janel’s work was focused on mortgages, with the interview, prequalify, and processing procedures. However, she also acts as a consumer loan officer and teller. Outside of her credit union, she has previously been active in the local chapter, serving on the Red River Chapter Board, and also serving on the board of Family Fit. In 2004, she was named the Volunteer of the Year.


Freedom CCU said an unofficial “goodbye” to Janel during their annual fall picnic that was held on September 12th. Her final day on the job will be October 1st, 2019. “I get to see a lot of wonderful people I consider as my credit union family during my work day, and I will miss that,” she concluded.


“We will miss her,” said Mary Hagen, CEO of Freedom Community CU. “She has been a constant at Freedom CCU, and I will definitely feel her absence. I wish her the very best,” she added.


For her next chapter, Janel will be spending more time with her family. She and her husband Clint have been married for eight years, and have a blended family of five adult children, and five grandchildren. They also have three dogs: Chocolate Lab named Grizzly; Sheltie named Coby, and American Eskimo named Jasper.


In her free time, of which she will now be finding more, Janel enjoys sewing quilts, acrylic painting on canvas, and volunteering at her church. It’s always been a priority for her to make her house a “happy place” for her family and friends as they enjoy grilling and just hanging out together.


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