CUAD Has Resources for ICU Day!
by Lori Welder
Director of Communications

As you know, International Credit Union (ICU) Day is coming soon on October 17th. For the fourth consecutive year, Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) will be aiming to help spread a consistent message during this exciting time of year!


To help our members, we have once again created advertisements for this special day. We are not asking for your commitment to do a collaborative advertisement. Instead, we are giving you the option to use the prepared print advertisements in your own communities, at a cost and size that works for you.


We strongly suggest you consider running a collaborative advertisement for ICU day with your credit union chapter. Several chapters have done this in the past, and it worked out very well, as it is an efficient and cost-saving way to get your message out.


If you prefer to use the ad we have designed, I would be happy to set it up with your credit union logo on the ad size you choose from your local newspaper. In addition, we also have Facebook graphics and cover photos designed to match the ads. If you would like to use those for your social media efforts, please contact me for the files.


Sample Facebook posts available now. 


We know our collaborative efforts will keep a consistent message across the Dakotas this year, helping more consumers to “Open Their Eyes” to credit unions. We understand you may have marketing staff that has already created advertisements to promote your ICU Day events, but we hope you will join us in keeping a consistent, united message.


Last but not least – to further promote the benefits of credit unions, CUAD will once again be utilizing video advertising on Gas Station TVs all across North and South Dakota! The ads will take place the week of October 11-17. In total, there are 194 gas stations where the video will be shown, generating close to HALF A MILLION impressions. This is an amazing opportunity we are receiving, once again, for no cost through the Michigan Credit Union League Service Corp. We know this will be great coverage for credit unions across the Dakotas, and we’re happy to share this exciting news with our members!


We hope you will choose to use one of our ads in your local newspapers, and we hope our pre-made messages will be of assistance in helping you spread the positive message of credit unions during Co-op Month and International Credit Union Day.


Please reach out to me with questions or to customize your advertisement! (Samples below.) 


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