Hooray for October – National Co-op Month!
by CUAD Communications

October is National Co-op Month and we think this is cause to celebrate! Here are some interesting things about co-ops that prove how special this business model really is:

  • All co-ops are founded on the seven cooperative principles. These principles guide the decision-making and foundation of all co-ops, new or old. We encourage you to learn more about these principles — we think you’ll find them interesting!
  • There are many kinds of co-ops – credit unions are financial cooperatives, but there are also electric co-ops, housing co-ops, worker co-ops, food co-ops, artist co-ops, and many more. They are found all over the world, building stronger, more resilient communities. All of them are owned by their members and are there to serve their members.
  • Co-ops are by the people and for the people. When you become a member of a co-op, you add your voice to the chorus of leadership that guides and builds the organization. You vote for the board of directors, which steers the co-op’s direction. You’re an integral part of the democratic process that founds the organization.
  • Co-ops are leaders in education of all kinds. Co-ops are built on action and knowledge. They engage people in their communities and encourage members to take an active role.
  • Co-ops give back – to their members, and to their communities. They often do this without being asked, it’s just part of the DNA of the cooperative philosophy.

As we celebrate National Co-op Month leading up to International Credit Union Day on October 17th, you can be especially proud that you work in an industry that is based on the “People Helping People” philosophy. And don’t forget, CUAD has some excellent resources to help you celebrate ICU Day! Learn more here.



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