CU Lunch Local Coming October 15th
by CUAD Communications

In its 8th year, the time is still right for the promotion of all the good things credit unions do to help local businesses. What better way for everyone associated with credit unions to show their support for local businesses than to participate in an industry-wide cash mob during International Credit Union Week?

We know that every dollar spent makes a difference when it goes to a local business; from buying a morning cup of coffee, ordering lunch in, or organizing a group of people to support a local business.

That’s why we encourage you to show your support and appreciation for the credit union community by signing up to participate in CU Lunch Local. First, sign-up here. CU Lunch Local likes to track participation, so the more the merrier!

Then, consider partnering up with one or more local businesses on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 for lunch, a catered affair, or just a coffee or dessert.

Finally, join in the social media push by sharing photos and stories supporting local business with the hashtag #culunchlocal via your organization’s social media pages. Stay up-to-date with what’s happening by “liking” the official CU Lunch Local Facebook Page.

To get a copy of the official logo, or if you have any questions contact Jessica Richardson-Isenegger via email at or at 734.552.5192.


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