Fill ‘Er Up for ICU Day!
by CUAD Communications

Don’t forget to keep your “Eyes Wide Open” this week for our special 15 second Gas Station TV commercials promoting credit unions. The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® ads are running from October 11-17 right here in the Dakotas! There are approximately 20 thousand GSTV locations all across the country simultaneously running these ads in celebration of International Credit Union Day.  


This opportunity will boost the credit union awareness initiative’s targeted digital strategy – and reach over 44 million people nationwide to help support the great credit union mission, create more awareness, and engage new members.


Here in North Dakota and South Dakota, the week-long promotion is being shown at 194 stations and is expected to be seen by over 426,800 people! We hope you have the chance to check out the commercial on a GSTV screen during the campaign! Locate a station near you:  


GSTV is affordable and convenient for individual credit unions as well, so please remember this wonderful advertising opportunity when considering your own needs! Plus, enjoy a 30 percent reduced preferred partner rate exclusively for credit unions from GSTV all year long! For additional Information contact


Thank you for everything you do in promoting the credit union difference, and we hope you enjoy International Credit Union Day!




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