Calling Young Credit Union Professionals
by CUAD Staff

“The Summit was one of the most fun times I have ever had while ‘working’. It was an incredible experience to get to know the major players in the credit union world and have an inviting environment to get to know other professionals in the field.” - 2017 Crash the Summit Attendee.

If the above quote sounds like something you’re interested in, if you want to grow your career and expand your network, then CUAD has an incredible opportunity for you.

In the interest of engaging more credit union young professionals, our Annual Summit will again feature a “Crasher” opportunity for those age 35 or under. Not only will you have the opportunity to take in top industry speakers, you will gain valuable insight about the credit union movement, expand your knowledge, and enhance your professional development, all in the beautiful location of Scottsdale, AZ!


Those chosen to be a "Crasher" will receive their Annual Summit conference registration for free! The only cost Crashers and their credit union will endure is hotel rooms, and travel expenses. If you or someone in your credit union is interested in "Crashing" the Annual Summit, click here to apply.


Unsure about applying? Here’s some feedback from our 2017 Summit Crashers:


  • “Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid? It was kind of like that. I was a bit leery about crashing but on the last day of the conference didn't want to go home! Meet your future colleagues now and have a blast!”

  • “Crashing the Summit is an extreme networking experience that allows you to educate yourself on the credit union movement, where it is going, and your place within it.”

  • “I had such an amazing experience "Crashing the Summit" - from meeting other crashers to CEOs of other credit unions near and far. I learned so much and had an absolute blast!”

Contact Katie Dressler,  if you have questions and see her “Cowgirl Communications” in the Memo for more details, or you may also contact this year’s Crasher Co-Lead, Cali Sailer of First Community Credit Union!


Applications close Wednesday, February 28th.


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