Capital CU Receives SBA Director's Award
by Capital Credit Union
Press Release

Capital Credit Union recently received the 2017 Director’s Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s North Dakota District Office. The credit union has received this award eight times since 2009, demonstrating its commitment to supporting the growth and expansion of small businesses in communities across the state.

“I appreciate Capital Credit Union’s willingness to make smaller SBA loan guaranties. These small loans help individual entrepreneurs start small businesses that begin to hire employees as they grow larger,” shared Al Haut, district director of SBA North Dakota’s District Office. “Ultimately, these small loans end up having a significant impact in driving our economy.”

Reflecting on the department’s success, Business Services Manager, Myron Aune, shared, “We’re fortunate. We’ve got a fantastic department with really, really good people.”

In addition to Aune, the department has employees located at its Main Office in Bismarck as well as its Fargo Branch, making it convenient to serve member businesses located at each end of the state. These employees include: Chris Barry, business services officer, Main Office; Misty Benske, business services associate, Main Office; Kacie Iglehart, business services associate, Main Office; Austin Kahler, business credit analyst, Main Office; Brad Shetler, business services officer, Main Office; Caryn Warden, business services associate, Main Office; Ryan Welder, business credit analyst, Main Office; and Paul Leier, business services officer, Fargo Branch. 

Inspired by the credit union’s mission, Aune shares that employees within the department focus on doing what’s right for members.

“We approach every interaction with a member as a relationship, not a transaction,” said Aune. “Members appreciate that we look into all options and collaborate with other departments to find the best product for them.”

Further information about Capital Credit Union’s business services department can be found at

Photo: (in foreground, left to right) Al Haut, district director of SBA North Dakota’s District Office, presents Myron Aune, business services manager, with Director’s Award. (in background, left to right) Patrick Kellar, VP of marketing; Vance Reinbold, CFO; Keith Mantz, CRO; Meghan Karch, accountant; Deb Gallagher, CEO; Misty Benske, business services associate; Allison Sebesta, marketing specialist; Chris Barry, business services officer; Kathy Woodall, operations manager; Austin Kahler, business credit analyst; Jennie Birdsell, consumer loan manager; Brad Shetler, business services officer; Ryan Welder, business credit analyst; Caryn Warden, business services associate; Kacie Iglehart, business services associate; Don Schmid, collector.

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