New InfoSight Has Something For Everyone!
by CUAD Communications

Our members have been thrilled with the launch of the new and improved InfoSight for Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) affiliated credit unions, and many of your peers have already set up their accounts and started customizing their page – with 100% positive feedback! For those who have not yet taken a gander at this wonderful new product, let us assure you, this is NOT the same old InfoSight. Everyone from the front-line teller to the CEO will find this a useful tool.

This dues-supported solution is FREE for CUAD members – all you need to do is request your individual account and then begin exploring the site for detailed information on areas that are relative to your exact responsibilities and interests at your credit union. New searchable databases, updated checklists, and calendars are all designed to help you find what you need, when you need to know it, to make your job easier and more efficient.

Additionally, for those who work extensively in compliance, the new InfoSight works seamlessly with CU PolicyPro – another dues-supported member benefit! The CU PolicyPro service allows our members to select from more than 230 detailed model policies to help manage ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Your credit union has at its disposal a comprehensive suite of policies and regulatory compliance guidance written especially for credit unions by legal and financial experts. CU PolicyPro not only includes the model policy content, but a full policy management system that lets you customize any model policy to fit your credit union’s individual operations.  The policy management tools allow easy maintenance of policies all in one place, and your existing policies can be added to and maintained within the system. If you have any questions about how InfoSight and CU PolicyPro can work together, be sure to contact Amy Kleinschmit.

But once again, let us assure you – this is not just a compliance resource anymore! It is a complete credit union resource and should be considered THE go-to online destination for information for all credit union professionals. Remember, each user can customize their individual InfoSight page with a personalized list of topics of interest to keep those items front and center each time they visit.

Discover what InfoSight can do to make your job easier, and request your FREE dues-supported account today:

Questions? Feel free to contact Amy Kleinschmit.



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