Legislative Update with Jay Kruse
by Jay Kruse
Chief Advocacy Officer

Good Morning!

Another successful South Dakota Legislative Credit Union Day and Social is in the books! It was great seeing many of you in Pierre, and I truly appreciate the support of such an important event. This year brought together more than 30 credit union professionals from 15 different credit unions! We had a full day of activities and an excellent legislator turnout for our social, with about 60 legislators stopping by. You can find a full recap of the event in last week’s Memo.

Events like these continue to ensure our elected officials understand the credit union difference and the growing impact South Dakota credit unions are making in their local communities. With the only dedicated credit union lobbyist boots on the ground in Pierre, your Association is proud to serve and protect not only our members, but all South Dakota credit unions during our annual legislative session. Your ongoing support of our advocacy activities is greatly appreciated! Below are a few pictures from the day. 

Impeachment Vote Coming. 

Closing arguments kicked off President Trump’s impeachment trial Monday, after the Senate voted against calling new witnesses last Friday. A final vote on acquittal will take place Wednesday, with most if not all predicting an all but certain win for the President. After many senators have indicated they intend to vote to acquit the President, a conviction seems to be a mathematic impossibility to reach the two-thirds majority needed. However, this result appeared to be a foregone conclusion from the start, after receiving zero support from House Republicans. Impeachment would require twenty senators to break away from the partisan gridlock.

The good news is that the Senate’s rejection of new witnesses and the conclusion of the trial eliminates any worries of the trial affecting our Congressional meetings taking place during the CUNA Government Affairs Conference in Washington D.C. in a few weeks!

SD Legislative Session Update. 

As of this morning, 238 Bills, commemorations, and resolutions have been introduced in the House, and 156 in the Senate, for a total of 394 in both chambers. There are no upcoming committee hearings of importance to credit unions this week. Your CUAD registered lobbyists along with the SD Government Affairs Committee will continue to monitor all the activity in Pierre during session, but if you would like to follow along as well, all information can be found at www.sdlegislature.gov.

Here are some helpful reference links:

2020 Bills Listing

2020 Legislators Listing

If you have questions, concerns, or feedback regarding these or any other advocacy issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a great week!



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