Worried About Check Loss Prevention & Recovery?
by CUAD Communications

Check Loss Prevention & Recovery PLUS, Member Contract Issues

In our on-going effort to provide our members great educational sessions, the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) is providing a new learning opportunity on May 19-20 in Bismarck, North Dakota led by renowned presenter, Ty Parker.

Your credit union exists to serve its members! Every credit union takes checks for deposit and issues its own cashier’s or teller’s checks, and most offer their members checking accounts. Every credit union will find the information offered on Day 1 of this program invaluable in order to prevent and recover check losses while still achieving your credit union’s key goals.

During Day 2, learn how to further assist your credit union with its goals to generate more income, cut large expenses, prevent large losses, address risks and provide excellent member service. You need to give out disclosures anyway – why not make them profitable, and assure they match your practices? Learn how everything your credit union does that affects members should be addressed in your member contracts to confirm the services offered, assure consistency in practices, and enhance your bottom line.


Unfortunately, most credit unions’ current member contracts are just “disclosure legalese” which are compliant but don’t help members or the credit union they “own” as part of being a member.

The complete agenda, event details, hotel information and registration can be found here.

Who Should Attend?

This program will be of value to all credit union professionals that assist members in person, online or by phone or mail with check issues, along with those who handle members’ checks and related problems. Everyone from operations and branch managers, member and financial service representatives, accounting and auditing professionals, tellers, training professionals, call center/service center staff, compliance officers, collections and loss prevention specialists, and all senior credit union management should attend this valuable educational opportunity.

What to Expect.

Day 1 – Check Loss Prevention & Recovery Made Easy

This program will explain in plain English the “check payment and return system” critical to understanding check loss problems, and how to prevent and resolve all check nonpayment and fraud loss problems that occur from checks written or deposited by your members. This program will also address a number of advanced check loss issues including remote deposit capture (RDC) issues and the Regulation CC updates.

Day 2 - Multi-Million Dollar Issues to Address in Member Contracts & Practices

Almost no financial institution in the country has seen the incredible opportunities that contracts provide to help with critical goals of generating more income, reducing significant expenses, preventing large losses and risks, recovering large losses and providing excellent service as well as providing superior compliance.

This program is a must for any credit union that wants its member practices and contracts to assist it with all its critical goals – especially making and saving a great deal of money annually! Don’t miss out on millions in potential income – and expense reduction opportunities like most institutions when you can effectively address them all with thoughtful practices and contracts.  

Meet Our Presenter.

Ty Parker is a nationally recognized expert and presenter on financial institution plain-English agreements, account, check and EFT, operations and compliance topics. Over the last 36 years, he has taught programs for all Credit Union Leagues and Associations, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), as well as numerous credit unions.

Please make plans to join CUAD, Ty and credit union professionals from around the Dakotas
on May 19-20 in Bismarck for this information-packed learning session.

Reserve your spot today!


Questions? Please contact Amy Kleinschmit.



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