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Introducing ComplySight! This fee-based platform provides visibility, tracking, measuring and reporting for compliance activities allowing credit unions to address compliance initiatives through a single application, assisting in the organization’s overall communication, supporting a state of continual readiness for audits, and providing regulatory updates essential to maintaining credit union compliance. Best of all, CUAD affiliated credit unions receive reduced pricing.

As a self-evaluation tool, a credit union can assess its regulatory compliance risk and identify potential trends or areas of possible noncompliance for immediate corrective action. Users can assign compliance reviews/assignments and communicate those responsibilities through the system.

ComplySight will match compliance needs with compliance gaps – filling the need by integrating with a family of products including the dues-supported platforms, InfoSight and CU PolicyPro

ComplySight also includes a comprehensive complaint management system to track complaints to ensure responsiveness and responsibility with reporting to identify potential trends or areas needing improvement. The system allows the credit union to assign tasks to employees and record corrective action.

Streamline compliance management in your credit union today with ComplySight! Don’t forget CUAD affiliated credit unions receive reduced pricing on this product!

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As always, CUAD members may contact Amy Kleinschmit with any compliance related questions.

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