In the Spotlight: Korianne Mortenson from United Savings
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Korianne Mortenson grew up along with one younger sister in the city of Elk River, located in central Minnesota. She says they were fortunate to have very supportive parents who valued a good work ethic, which left a lasting impression on both of the girls. Elk River is a fairly populous area, and she graduated in 2006 in a large class of more than 450 students.

As a student, she developed a great love of fine arts, and spent most of her time in the art department, enjoying everything her large school offered, from painting to working on the pottery wheel. After graduating from high school, she attended Alexandria Technical & Community College (Alexandria, MN), where she completed her Associates Degree in Communication Art & Design in 2008.

During her time in Alexandria, she also met her husband, Justin, in their first year of college. After graduating, they moved to Fargo, married, and then settled in Moorhead. During this time, Korianne spent several years working in the food service industry, but she was eager for a change, to find a career that would challenge her, and push her out of her comfort zone. When she saw an opening at United Savings Credit Union, she took a leap of faith and decided to go for it – even though she admits she knew very little about credit unions at the time.

Now, it’s been seven years, and her career as a Member Services Representative has exceeded her expectations. With her main responsibilities including the front teller line, she also processes ACH, completes wire transfer transactions, origination processing, stop payments, mobile deposit processing, and supports their home banking products. 

“It keeps me very busy, and I never know what my day is going to be like,” she remarked. “I especially enjoy working with the members. You never know who is going to walk through the door on any given day, so it is always interesting and keeps me on my toes. Making sure we have the most up-to-date information for our members is definitely challenging; we are constantly learning new things and ways to better serve our members,” she added.

Since she has joined the United Savings team, she has already seen many new services added, tremendous member growth, and even a new branch in Detroit Lakes that opened in 2019. She assisted with the launch of their mobile deposit product in 2015, which was an entirely new service for their members at the time. Since then, their members have shown they definitely wanted and needed such a service, as its use continues to grow every day.

During her relatively short time in the credit union industry, she has already been involved in the movement by serving on the Red River Chapter of Credit Unions Board of Directors. She has been the treasurer since 2015, even though she had not done anything like it before. She is very proud that the chapter has received the “CUAD Chapter of the Year Award” for the past four years. She is also grateful for the additional opportunity to challenge her skills and expand her comfort zone, and says she has met many great people through the chapter. She especially enjoys making connections with other organizations in the Red River Valley area.

Another experience that has expanded her industry connections was being selected to participate as a member of the CUAD Summit Crashers group in 2017, which she says was a great experience and a lot of fun. She also takes advantage of volunteer opportunities when she has the chance, whether it be for her credit union, the chapter, or other local charities. She has spent time volunteering with the Jeremiah Project, Ronald McDonald House, Homeward animal shelter and Gigi’s Playhouse to name a few.

In her personal life, Korianne and Justin have a four-year-old son named Lance, who keeps them very busy. They also have one dog, a hound mix named Henry. While she would love to have a house full of rescue dogs, Justin reminds her that they are a lot of work, so they are keeping it to one pet at a time for now.

During their free time, they enjoy spending time with friends, with Korianne’s sister in Minneapolis, and her parents in Elk River. During the summer, most weekends are spent at a lake cabin owned by Justin’s family. If she ever wins the lottery, Korianne says the first thing she will do is open a dog rescue.


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