“Thank You” from our CULAC Trustees
by Paul J. Brucker
ND CULAC Trustee

Greetings Credit Union Friends,


We have returned from another successful GAC in Washington, DC where we are able to be at the table working alongside of our CUNA advocacy team, attempting to build rock solid relationships with our national legislators.


Whether you love or hate the political process, it is a given that we, as a movement, need to be active in order to have a voice in the process when issues that affect credit unions come into play. We are pleased to report that our National Team is effective and does a good job of investing our PAC donations for maximum impact.


We are also pleased to report our very own Association President/CEO Jeff Olson is now the Chairman of the National CULAC Committee. While he was a bit “dinged up” physically with a bum hip awaiting repair, he was a warrior and did a great job of leading the committee meetings. We can testify after watching him in action: He made us Dakotans proud with his performance.


We wish to thank everyone for your donations to the National Raffle. While we did not have a local winner this time around, we did do our part and made our sales goals for both states. We were also able to bring home a couple of impressive national victories, with North Dakota finishing second in the nation and South Dakota finishing a respectful 5th in PAC fundraising goals.


While we did well last year, there is still work to be done going forward. Our goal is to get a few more shops on the PAC payroll deduction program this year. It is very easy to do this, and more importantly, a very effective way to support our advocacy efforts. Jay Kruse will be contacting some of you to offer assistance setting it up in the near future.


In closing, we sincerely thank you for all your support as we strive to represent you at the national level.  




Paul Brucker, ND CULAC Trustee 

Chad Moller, SD CULAC Trustee


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