Hometown CU Holds Community Scavenger Hunt
by CUAD Communications

Hometown Credit Union’s Ashley branch hosted a scavenger hunt for their community during the weeks of April 20th and April 27th. Community members of all ages were encouraged to participate, with two age groups: 0-20 years old and 21 years and up. Each day, there were four individual winners, with prizes being gift certificates to local businesses in town. Hometown posted five clues for each age group every day on Facebook, and printed sheets of clues were available at the drive-up window. The clues consisted of photos of items located outdoors throughout the Ashley community, which encouraged participants to get outside to enjoy the springtime weather. To be entered into the drawings each day, participants had to provide a detailed description of where they found each item, such as street or house numbers, by the next morning. Those who participated but did not win were placed in a random drawing at the end of the scavenger hunt for a chance to win a gift certificate from a local business.

Hometown CU received such positive feedback from the Ashley community about the scavenger hunt that the Kulm branch will be hosting their own community scavenger hunt this week! This scavenger hunt begins May 4th and the last clues will be available May 7thCongratulations to Hometown on this very creative idea. Not only is this a great way to lift the spirits of members, but it is also a great way to support local businesses during this time.


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