Apply Now for Dora, Louise, and Desjardins Awards!
by CUAD Communications

CUNA's National Award Programs 2020

CUNA's National Award programs are designed to encourage and recognize distinguished credit unions which demonstrate social responsibility (the Dora Maxwell Award), the credit union philosophy (the Louise Herring Award), and financial education (the Desjardins Awards).

In an effort to streamline the submission process for our member credit unions and to reduce financial and human resources spent on the submission process, CUNA and the leagues have collaborated to produce one standardized format and online submission process for our member credit unions.

Find more information here on the CUAD website.

Submission instructions and forms are located here on CUNA’s website.

Louise Herring Philosophy-in-Action Member Service Award

This award is given to a credit union for its practical application of credit union philosophy within the actual operation of the credit union.  It is awarded for internal programs and services that not only benefit membership but demonstrate a credit union's commitment to the practical application of the "People-Helping-People" philosophy.

Desjardins Financial Education Award

CUNA created the Desjardins program to recognize leadership within the credit union movement on behalf of financial literacy for all ages. Naming the award after Alphonse Desjardins emphasizes the movement's long-time commitment to youth. Besides founding the first credit unions in Canada and the U.S., Desjardins pioneered youth savings clubs and in-school "banks," known as caisses scolaires. This award considers all activities supporting the personal finance education of members and non-members, including, but not limited to, face-to-face teaching using proprietary materials and curricula, as well as financial literacy leadership efforts.

Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Community Service Award

This award is given to a credit union or chapter/multiple credit union group for its social responsibility projects within the community. This may include raising funds for charity, educational activities, or community involvement projects, such as a volunteer fair, building low-income housing, or loaning employees a few hours a week to work in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, etc.

Applications are due by June 26, 2020. Please contact Debbie Kruckenberg for questions or assistance.


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