Norstar FCU Helps Local Clinic with Extra Space
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

When the local healthcare clinic in Britton, South Dakota began looking for additional space due to the COVID pandemic – one that was safe for patients to come into, and was not connected or associated with the hospital – the options seemed rather bleak. There was a pressing need, as there was concern for the many patients who weren’t following up on regular maintenance visits, and the clinic also needed additional office space so they could social distance the people that worked closely together.   


Since Norstar FCU still owned a vacated and empty building after moving into their brand-new office last December, the hospital approached the credit union to see if they would be willing to help. According to Jane Duerre, CEO of Norstar FCU, the old building had not yet sold, so they were able to come to very fair rental agreement quite quickly, a win-win for both the clinic, and the credit union.


Within two weeks, the clinic was up and running. On the first day they opened, they filled every appointment – and have been going strong ever since. Not only has the clinic benefitted, but Jane says their new credit union building could not have been timed any better. With two drive-through lanes and upgraded technology, including electronic signatures, the credit union was well prepared to continue to serve members throughout COVID restrictions at their new office.


In addition, Norstar FCU quickly became an SBA approved lender, and so far, has funded over 60 PPP loans totaling over $1 million dollars. They also opened more than 25 new business accounts – mainly because other financial institutions in the area were not set up to offer that service. Going a step further, the credit union has worked with many members to provide loan modifications to people who have lost employment, or had hours cut at their jobs.


Norstar FCU is truly representing the best of “People Helping People” philosophy during this unprecedented time. Great work, Jane and staff! (Photos: Same building - different signs!) 



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