Bring fun home with the security of prepaid cards
by Naomi Anderson, LSC
CAP Executive Member

In the midst of the pandemic, families still seek entertainment and adventure. With states in various phases of stay-at-home orders, families are forced to get creative and bring fun home for the summer. However, because of the financial crisis and elevated occurrence of fraud, members are cautious and remain hesitant. Members want a fun-filled summer, but need reassurance that their finances will remain secure.

With stay-at-home orders in place, prepaid cards are a perfect payment solution for concerned consumers this summer. Shopping online offers a safe, no-contact purchasing experience. Members can digitally load funds to a prepaid card with the convenient app or through a secure website online. Members will feel comfort in shopping safely online for their favorite products or to book their next adventure.

Prepaid cards are a powerful financial tool because they allow members to remain on budget without being linked to their personal accounts. Funds can be loaded to stay on budget for a trip, monthly groceries, or home improvement projects. Members create their own limits and are able to stay on track. Members can also be assured that their accounts will remain safe. Should the card go missing or be stolen, criminals cannot access the members personal credit union account.

Digital controls create peace of mind for members, as well. If lost, members can easily disable cards to secure the funds. If funds are running low, cards can be reloaded online, on the mobile app, over the phone, or in-branch. With digital tools just a fingertip away, prepaid cards have never been more convenient. Members can also set up direct deposit to automatically load a predetermined amount onto the card – so they have complete control of card balances!


Naomi Anderson is Vice President of Prepaid for LSC. In her current role, her team manages the day to day program support, customer service functions and implementations as well as program growth and marketing for the prepaid programs. Naomi’s career spans over 30 years in the financial industry. She started her career with Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and has worked for Fiserv and Travelers Express. Before joining the cards department at LSC, she spent several years managing the successful item processing (SCIP) program. Naomi has her B.A. in Management from National Louis University and has earned her CUDE certification. 


At LSC, our philosophy is simple – we help our credit unions compete. We are your comprehensive, one-stop-shop for payment services. Our team works directly with your credit union to create a new game plan to make you stronger and increase your wins. The bottom line is it's our job to see credit unions succeed. Visit our website to learn more or contact Steven Ryniec, Senior Director, Sales Leadership at LSC.


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