A Little Facebook Creeping
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

Prior to social media, few opportunities existed where a business could highlight their good deeds and other accomplishments. However, with Facebook maintaining its strong influence, this is no longer the case. It’s easier than ever for credit unions to actively promote themselves in a very positive way. 

Self-promotion on social media should not be regarded as boasting or bragging, but rather as information sharing, or even offering a service to the community. People want to know what you do, how well you do it, and how they and the greater community can benefit from doing business with you.

So don’t be shy about highlighting your business, your good deeds, and your expertise. Showcasing even your small accomplishments should become part of an overall social media marketing strategy. If you don’t share this information – or “toot your own horn” now and then, how will they ever know?

Here’s a few great examples of positive horn tooting! 



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