A Special Invitation for North Dakota Credit Unions!
by CUAD Communications

CUAD members are invited to join the Bank of North Dakota (BND) for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, August 18, at 11 a.m. CT. “Collateral Valuations Services Concept and BND Stress Testing Model” will be held through “Your Direct Line with BND Credit Administration” staff, including Kirby Evanger, Dave Falkenstein and Adam Matter.

BND is very excited to share news about two new opportunities for North Dakota financial institutions:

Excel-based Stress Testing Model

Learn about a new Excel-based stress testing model developed by BND that financial institutions can use to stress multiple portfolios based on loan to value, cash flow and interest rate.

Collateral Valuation Services

BND has identified a potential new service they could provide to North Dakota financial institutions consisting of collateral valuation services which do not require a certified appraisal per the regulatory thresholds. We will unveil detail of this concept, what lenders can expect, the process and the benefits it provides. Sound intriguing?

You can sign up here!

*BND is a CAP Associate Member. If you have questions about BND or any of CUAD’s CAP Members, be sure to contact George McDonald, CUAD’s Chief Officer of Strategic Services.


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