Two Reappointed to ND State CU Board
by CUAD Communications

Paul Brucker, President of Railway CU and George Economon, former board member of Freedom Community CU and former CUAD board member, were both recently reappointed to the North Dakota State Credit Union Board for five-year terms, which will expire in June 2025.


The North Dakota State Credit Union Board is an administrative agency that manages and controls credit unions. It can assess civil penalties and have a hearing process. The governor appoints four members; two must have three years experience as an officer, director, or committee member of a North Dakota chartered credit union; one member of the board must have had at least five years' experience as an officer, director, or committee member of a state-chartered or a federally chartered credit union; and one member must be a public member at large. The Commissioner of Financial Institutions is also a member. The Board has the power to adopt rules for the government of credit unions and may make and enforce such orders as are necessary to protect the public and the members of state-chartered credit unions.


The current board consists of Deb Gallagher, former CEO of Capital CU, Bismarck; Melanie Stillwell, President, Western Cooperative Credit Union, Williston; Paul Brucker, President, Railway Credit Union, Mandan; George Economon, Fargo; Corey Krebs, ND DFI Assistant Commissioner; Lise Kruse, ND DFI Commissioner; and Ex-Officio board member Wayne Stenehjem, ND Attorney General.




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