Avanti FCU Awards “Cash For the Classroom”
by CUAD Communications

Avanti Federal Credit Union in Watertown, South Dakota is excited to announce the two recipients of the credit union’s first “Cash for the Classroom” program. Congratulations to Christ Christiansen (Watertown High School) and Bobbi Jo Soupir (Garfield Transition School for Special Ed Students) who were recently announced as the first semester winners. 

Both selected teachers received $200 to be used in their classroom to cover out-of-pocket costs for supplies, speakers, community events, and other needs. Applicants were members of Avanti Federal Credit Union and were required to complete a short application explaining how they would use the funds. 

Avanti FCU plans to offer the program each semester going forward, dedicating $800 per year to their teacher members. As President Judy Wolff explained, “We believe it is important to assist our teacher members in providing these additional funds for enriching the educational experience of local students in their schools.” Wolff added that all Watertown elementary, intermediate, middle school and high school teachers who are members of Avanti FCU are eligible. 





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