What's Up with the New Facebook?
by Shawn Marie Brummer
Communications & Media Specialist

The latest major update to Facebook, known as New Facebook or FB5 is touted as the “most dramatic” of any in history. It’s a complete change in how Facebook looks and works on computers and mobile devices.

A few weeks ago, I brought your attention to these changes when I experienced (without warning) the update that totally “moved my cheese” and left me a little bewildered. I opted to switch back to the “old” Facebook temporarily, but within a week, I was switched back to the new version, permanently. A word to the wise: If you have not yet been moved to the newest version, you will be – very soon.

After using the new version for two weeks now, I can honestly report that once you find the basic tools you have always used, FB5 is indeed quite easy to navigate, and very intuitive. In general, the site looks more minimalistic. Note the top section is divided into three main sections: left is news feed and search; middle also contains news feed, videos, marketplace, and groups; right has messenger, your profile, and feedback options.

By selecting the “home” icon at the center top, you will see your old, familiar shortcuts appear on the left. If you manage your credit union’s Facebook page (or other pages) – you will find them here, along with other shortcuts for pages and groups you follow. Once I became comfortable with this new way of finding my other pages, I was quickly back in business! In fact, in spite of taking an initial dislike to the new look, I have found that it is, overall, a vast improvement.

One last tip: I have found that “Dark Mode” is much easier on my eyes than the “Bright” mode. This can easily be changed back and forth using the down arrow located near the top right of your page, then look for Dark Mode in the dropdown menu.

Now, a few credit union Facebook posts we enjoyed this week!

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