Legislative Update with Jay Kruse
by Jay Kruse
Chief Advocacy Officer

Good Morning!


It was great to have the chance to get together in person with many credit union friends this week. For those of you that were not able to join us, I wanted to give you a little recap of the advocacy update which I presented during the Summit on Tuesday. (Photo above shows Jay presenting his Advocacy Update at the Summit on Tuesday, October 6.) 


Over the last seven months, since the beginning of the pandemic, your association has been in almost constant contact with our congressional delegation. We appreciate their support and leadership as we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic. Making multiple contacts every day, dating all the way back to March, our delegation helped us work with the SBA to assist you with the PPP Loan rollout, and have continued to be a great resource as this pandemic has evolved. We have a definite benefit here in the Dakotas having two sitting members on the Senate Banking Committee with Senators Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and Mike Rounds(R-SD). Both were kind enough to send video “Summit welcome” messages detailing their work on the Senate Banking Committee that were shared with the group.


Neither Senator shared much optimism regarding negotiations on the next wave of COVID-19 relief legislation, stating parties are still as far apart now as they ever have been during this process. News broke late yesterday afternoon that President Trump told negotiators to stop all COVID relief talks until after the election. During my update, we also discussed the jeopardy board list of both resolved and ongoing issues we have been attaching during this pandemic. Our main focus remains on PPP Loan forgiveness.


The 2020 SD Legislative Session, which seems like a distant memory, was very light on financial services targeted legislation outside of two minor bills dealing with real estate appraisers and brokers. The SD legislature and Governor Noem hosted a special session Monday to consider legislation related to the use of federal stimulus relief funds, including the $1.25 billion allocated to South Dakota in Coronavirus Relief Funds. In 2021, legislative sessions will take place in both North and South Dakota. Government Affairs Committees (GAC) in both states are currently considering our potential state legislative priorities.


I also want to recognize and thank each of our GAC members in both states. During these unprecedented times, which also happen to be an election year which includes the added task of PAC campaign disbursements, these groups not only help determine and guide your Association’s legislative activities – they also disbursed in excess of $16K in SD and $17K in ND to local candidates running for office in the upcoming November election.



Chairman –                                         Scott Schwindt – Western Cooperative CU

Vice-Chair –                                        Tyler Neether – Town & Country CU

CULAC Trustee –                                Paul Brucker – Railway CU

Members –                                          Darla Schafer – Flasher Community CU

                                                            Michael Reisnour – Dakota Plains CU

                                                            Steve Schmitz – First Community CU

                                                            Bob Herrington – North Star Community CU

                                                            Harold Hagen – Hometown CU

                                                            Steve Delap – Vue Community CU

                                                            Jeremiah Kossen – Town & Country CU

                                                            Jon Griffin – Capital CU

                                                            Steve Davis – First Community CU



Chairman –                                         Joey Rotert – Sioux Falls FCU

Vice-Chair/CULAC Trustee –              Chad Moller – Dakotaland FCU

Members –                                          Floyd Rummel – Northern Hills FCU

                                                            Julie Thomson – Fort Randall FCU

                                                            Keith Robbennolt – Sentinel FCU

                                                            Robert Goscicki – Area FCU

                                                            Jeff Schmidt – Voyage FCU

                                                            Jarrod Reisner – Black Hills FCU

                                                            Pat Tollefson – Area FCU

                                                            Cassie Besler – Highmark FCU


Have a great week, stay well, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.



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